Dental Hygienist

What does a Dental Hygienist do?
A Dental Hygienist, under the direct supervision of a dentist, cleans calcareous deposits, accretions, and stains from teeth and beneath margins of gums, using dental instruments. This position also feels lymph nodes under patient's chin to detect swelling that could indicate presence of oral cancer. A Dental Hygienist feels and visually examines gums for sores and signs of disease. This position may provide clinical services and health education to improve oral health of school children and may conduct dental health clinics for community groups to augment services of a dentist.

How do you prepare?
To become a Dental Hygienist, an Associate’s degree may be required and 2-4 years of experience. A dental hygienist license is required.

What’s the pay like?
As a Dental Hygienist in Iowa you can expect to earn
approximately $62,450 a year, according to Iowa Workforce Development.

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