Veterinary Technologist

What does a Veterinary Technologist do?
A Veterinary Technologist feeds, waters, and examines pets and other animals for signs of illness, disease, or injury. They help with cleaning and disinfecting cages and work areas, sterilizing equipment, recording patientsí cast histories, developing x-rays and radiographs, and providing specialized care. A Veterinary Technologist works with small animals like cats and dogs.

How do you prepare?
If you want to be a Veterinary Technologist you need a 2-year program or 4-year program for Veterinary Technologist. Taking as many classes as possible in science, biology, and math will help if you want to be a Veterinary Technologist.

What’s the pay like?
As a Veterinary Technician in Iowa you can expect to earn approximately $28,870 a year, according to Iowa Workforce Development.

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